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Holy Christmas is approaching: the “politically (in)correct” considerations of the President of the Templar Nation, Riccardo Bonsi

Holy Christmas is upon us and once again our Lord Jesus-Christ will return as a child for us, to remind us of his great Mission, the meaning of his coming and the great gift left to us: the way of Salvation.

However, never like this year, Christianity – not only in the strictly religious sense, but also in the broader sense of Christian civilization – is undermined by a phrase that can have devastating effects: “politically correct”.

The “politically correct” is pervading our lives, it is becoming our obsession and, above all, it is conditioning our thoughts.

The whole world is pervaded by it, but Europe in particular is experiencing a real transformation in the name of this apparently harmless phrase.

Politically correct it is transforming the world into a tower of Babel upside down: total chaos.

In the name of a single great globalization, this phrase is depriving peoples and nations of their cultural, religious and political identity.

Each of us lives in the obsession with making a criticism, albeit constructive, because such criticism could offend someone.

And someone or some group of people who take offense at anything is now always found.

With the sword of Damocles of the “politically correct” we can no longer express our ideas, our ideals, our aspirations.

Woe, then, to proudly manifest your identity, you run the risk of offending that of others.

This total leveling is extremely dangerous, equality is brought to extreme consequences, it is the end of our Christian civilization.

For the “politically correct” pride, love of country, sense of belonging, family, religious faith are obsolete sentences, even dangerous because they “divide” rather than “unite”.

The problem is that extremism never goes well: we all know what consequences exaggerated  identitarism has had and it is not difficult to predict the devastating effects of equally exacerbated multiculturalism.

If in the first case real genocides were perpetrated against unarmed peoples, in the second case we will endure a real genocide on the part of those peoples that identitarism will never abandon it (for example Islamic peoples).

The truth, as always, lies in the middle, in the right balance, in wisdom, in understanding, but also in the awareness of our origins.

Europe is at risk of disappearing and we with it.

The only hope is that the European nations will find their way back to their Christian identity and avoid the “politically correct” at all costs.

The Templar People will always continue its mission proud of its origins, it will surely always remain “POLITICALLY INCORRECT”, the only beacon of hope in a world that, unfortunately, we don’t like anymore.



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