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Part I – fundamental principles


  • Article 1

The Templar Nation places its existence under the will and protection of God.


  • Article 2

The Templar Nation is based on the ideals of Freedom, Tolerance, Equality and Brotherhood, and strives to promote them.


  • Article 3

The Templar nation promotes social progress and peace in all its forms.


  • Article 4

The official religion of the Templar Nation is the Christian religion professed by Our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • Article 5

The Templar Nation proposes to protect and protect the human race and to defend Christian civilization.


  • Article 6

The Templar Nation rests on democratic principles and rejects all kinds of totalitarianism.


  • Article 7

Every member of the Templar Nation has the right to study, work and happiness.


  • Article 8

The Templar Nation is based on the family composed of father, mother and children as the central nucleus for the growth and continuation of its people and of mankind.




  • Article 9

Despite being a nation without a state and having its population various citizenships, the Templar Nation follows its people and assists it so that everyone can live according to the principles of the Templar Nation.


  • Article 10

All those who have reached eighteen years of age can share in the Templar Nation, share the ideals and principles of the Templar Nation and accept the present Constitutional Charter; for persons under the age of eighteen, written permission from at least one parent will be required.


Part II – organizational principles


  • Article 11

The Regency Council, inspired by God, represents the Templar Nation and acts in the interest of the People.


  • Article 12

The Regency Council, formed by a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 50 members, will automatically expire at the birth of the Templar State, that is, when the Templar Nation also has its own territory, leading to elections and the formation of a parliament.


  • Article 13

The Regency Council elects the President internally.


  • Article 14

The President chooses the Vice President and the Ministers among the members of the Templar Nation; the number of Ministers is at the discretion of the President.


  • Article 15

The Regency Council is the guarantor of good governance by the President and the Council of Ministers.


  • Article 16

The functions of the President, if he cannot fulfil them, are exercised by the Vice President.


  • Article 17

The President represents the unity of the Templar Nation.


  • Article 18

In the event that the President is unable to continue his duties, the Vice President and the Council of Ministers will automatically lapse and the Regency Council will have to provide for the election of a new President.


  • Article 19

No Ministers act is valid if it is not countersigned by the President.


  • Article 20

The President is not responsible for acts performed in the exercise of his functions, except for high treason or for attacks on the Constitutional Charter.


  • Article 21

Before taking up his duties, the President takes an oath of fidelity to the Templar Nation and of observance of the Constitutional Charter before the Regency Council, meeting in plenary session.


  • Article 22

Any person belonging to the Templar Nation can appeal to the Regency Council.


  • Article 23

Personal freedom is inviolable and each member of the Templar Nation is bound to respect the laws in the State where he has citizenship; in case of violation of this article, the Templar Nation cannot in any case be held responsible, regardless of the jurisdiction concerned.


  • Article 24

If a member of the Templar People commits acts contrary to the ideals and the laws of the Templar Nation it is punishable by expulsion and with the consequent revocation of the Templar nationality.


  • Article 25

All members of the Templar Nation have the right to freely express their thoughts with the word, the written and any other means of diffusion.


  • Article 26

Everyone has the right to freely profess their religious faith in any form, individual or associated and to exercise the cult in private or in public.


  • Article 27

The defence of the Templar Nation is the sacred duty of the People.


  • Article 28

All members of the Templar People have a duty to be faithful to the Templar Nation and to observe the Constitutional Charter.


  • Article 29

In case of need, the Council of Ministers can issue decrees to improve the functioning of the Templar Nation.


  • Article 30

The present Constitutional Charter can only be reviewed by the Regency Council held in plenary session.




The President

Riccardo Bonsi




The Members of the Regency Council



Last Updated: July 21, 2018





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