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28/10/2019: President Bonsi: “With Turkey inside, NATO is a blocked and meaningless alliance”

President Bonsi expressed his concerns about the current functioning of NATO:

“On 24 and 25 October, the NATO meeting, held in Brussels, showed a hard clash between the members of the Atlantic alliance.

Not surprisingly, the NATO spokesman called the meeting an international meeting ‘open and frank’, which translated from political language means a real brawl.

The main object of the meeting, and it could not be otherwise, was Turkey’s attack on the Kurds.

The United States (which we do not forget are the major ‘shareholders’ of the alliance), defended their diplomatic intervention, saying that their solution was particularly advantageous for the Syrian Kurds, as the area where they should move, which is located to the east of Syria, it is rich in oil fields and Trump has also offered military protection on that area.

Apart from the fact that the doubt about the real ownership of these deposits, which is unlikely to be Kurdish, arises spontaneously, few believe that the Syrian Kurdish people are dancing with joy.

And then there is the position of Europe, or maybe I should say ‘the positions’.

In fact, once again Europe shows that it does not have a unified vision of the problem.

On the one hand, isolated, France has heavily accused Turkey of violating human rights and reinvigorating ISIS with the release of hundreds of terrorists during attacks on Kurds, to use them as ‘support troops’.

On the other hand, the Baltic countries and those of the East, still in the grip of ‘Russian fear’ (and to think that some who even think of an entrance of Russia into the European Union), have accepted without protest all the Turkish requests, considering the Kurds as terrorists.

In the middle, the rest of Europe, with Italy in the lead, tried to maintain a neutral position, indignant only in words, trying in fact not to irritate Turkey too much, for fear of an invasion of Syrian refugees, and the United States, fearing a strong resumption of relations with the United Kingdom which, we recall, is coming out of the European Union with Brexit.

The NATO meeting has therefore once again demonstrated the complete disunity of its members.

The only Country with clear and aware ideas of its current position of strength is Turkey, the only undemocratic state of NATO, which is keeping the alliance in check.

At this point, NATO absolutely needs to review its positions.

As a defense system of the West, NATO certainly has problems, as the various European member States have different political positions, and as an intervention system in areas outside Europe, the situation is even more dramatic, as it reigns chaos.

Furthermore, admitting countries that have little to do with the West (eg Turkey) in the alliance, makes NATO’s business more and more complicated.

Finally, Trump, the largest ‘shareholder’ of NATO, is questioning the very existence of NATO, as the United States would like the economic contribution to the alliance equal for all member States.

With the current policy, NATO is losing its functionality, which is the defense of the West, and is therefore undermining its very existence.

A conscious and firm restructuring is necessary or the alliance will end soon, admitted that NATO still has a meaning “.


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