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03/12/2020: International Disability Day, President Bonsi: I would like to see a world in which disabled people do not receive pity, but concrete actions to eliminate disability

President Bonsi spoke today on the International Disability Day.
“In 1981 the UN proclaimed December 3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
Since then, every year on December 3 we always read the usual things, aimed at ignoring the problems of the disabled and not trying to solve them.
Inclusion, equality, integration, all fine words.
We read slogans full of hypocrisy that praise the equality of the disabled with others.
The disabled person is no different, he is simply a person, equal to all other people, who has a serious problem due to illness, accident, genetic problems, etc.
Continuing to say that the disabled person is equal to us and should not be discriminated against is to implement the first great discrimination, considering the disabled person as a different one towards whom one must have understanding.
Disability is a condition and this condition must not be accepted or accepted, it must be improved.
In the last fifty years, science and technology have made great strides, we live in a virtual world, where everything is possible.
Too bad that everything is possible for a standardized person.
We have 5G, we will soon go to Mars, we are doing sensational things, but even today a disabled person cannot get on a bus normally, cannot take an elevator with tranquility, cannot walk down the street safely and, above all, what else more shameful, she remains disabled because everything that makes her life better costs too much and is not within everyone’s reach.
We pride ourselves on being advanced, but we are unable to provide technologically advanced prostheses for free to those who no longer have legs or arms.
We build exceptional telescopes and intelligent robots, but we don’t give sight and hearing for free to the blind and deaf.
The Templar Nation does not, for now, have its own territory, but I can guarantee that when this happens, one of the first things will be to fight to eliminate disability with research and application centers.
In the meantime, I would like to create a working group that studies, applies and makes available what must be a right to every human being, the right to be independent.
I will act immediately and I hope that many will listen to my appeal.
A blind man wants to see, a deaf man wants to hear, a paralytic wants to walk, a mute wants to talk.
Disabled people do not know what to do with our integration and our inclusion.
We need facts, not words.
We must not accept disability with pity, we must eliminate disability, because every human being has the right to be such”.







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